Precision fabrication

Precision Fabrication

Sheet Metal & Spare Parts Manufacturing
punched metal die
punched and tooled template
drilled and cut block
Over the past 20 years Hitec have built a solid reputation for being a fine limit sheet metal sub-contractor, manufacturing high quality products for a varied customer base.
Hitec have a purpose built manufacturing centre using a range of cutting edge CNC machine tools, built around the needs of a fast moving industry. With Hitec you can be sure that you will be receiving the most up to date service and equipment, delivered by a highly skilled and experienced work force.

Hitec are based in Cambridgeshire and work across the UK.


Technical information

Please contact us for a:
  • Punching and bending tooling list
  • Plant list
Download our minimum folding guide
For any enquiries, to submit drawings or to request a quote, please contact us
Regal Lane, Soham, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5BA
We work with customers across the UK
Phone: 01353 624 101
Fax: 01353 624 262
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