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Laser Profiling

High complexity Laser Cutting

New & Improved Laser Profiling capability with Fibre Laser & Automated Feeding Tower
Hitec offers a long-established laser profiling service of ferrous or non-ferrous metals, manufactured on our Brand New Amada Regius 3015 AJ Fibre Laser Profiling Machine accompanied by AS LUL – 3015 Automated Feeding Tower – The next level in Laser profiling.
The machine integrates a number of new features meaning;

  • ultra-high speed operations
  • high accuracy
  • autonomous functionality
  • quick set up times
  • faster processing
Supported by the AS LUL-3015 automated feeding tower. Automated loading and unloading of sheets to and from the laser, including steel, aluminium & stainless steel, will improve output & provide faster turnaround times, allowing for 24 hour operations.

Using the latest CNC manufacturing technology supported by CAD/CAM and production control software.
Providing customers with outstanding levels of productivity and reliability laser profiling is an obvious choice for your metal cutting requirements; we offer a fast efficient and quality oriented service to customers. Highly accurate, fine limit components can be manufactured from many types of sheet and square tube materials.


  • Time saving
  • Cost benefits
  • High quality surface finish
  • Reduced lead times
  • Quick set up times
  • Excellent edge quality
  • No tooling costs
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Little or no component distortion
  • Reduction of secondary operations such as deburring or drilling
  • Processing of many types of material:
  • Complex shapes and intricate detail including etching & marking
  • Economical, flexible, fast & environmentally beneficial


We have the capacity to work with the following thickness of materials.

  • Mild Steel:  0.5mm – 10mm
  • Stainless Steel:  0.3mm – 8mm
  • Aluminium:  0.5mm – 6mm